Starkville Veterinary Hospital Staff

Meet the Caring and Dedicated Staff of Starkville Veterinary Hospital

Cindy McAlpin, Client Patient Director

Client-Patient Director Cynthia McAlpin has worked with clients and their pets at Starkville Veterinary Hospital since 2003. Her responsibilities include discharging patients, sending reminders, conducting follow-ups and checking in patients. She loves working hands-on with pets.

"We treat all pets like they are family," says Cindy. "We have excellent veterinarians and staff that genuinely care for the patients."

When she's not at the hospital, Cindy enjoys cooking with friends, decorating, gardening and spending time with her pets. Her animal companions include three cats: Sammy, Gus and Jack; and three dogs: Ty, Cole and Choco.

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Ranae Sisk, Office Manager

Ranae Sisk is the office manager at Starkville Veterinary Hospital. A member of our staff since 1988, she is proud of the professional, compassionate care the hospital staff and veterinarians offer to pets. Ranea has an associate's degree from Wood College and a bachelor's degree in home economics and merchandising from Mississippi State University.

"I'm very proud of the excellent professional and compassionate care our doctors and staff offer to our clients and their pets," says Ranae. "Our motto is, 'we care about the pets you love,' is a very true statement."

Ranae's hobbies include shopping, interior decorating, baking and singing. She loves spending time with her husband, Stanley, and their son, Jeb. She has a Red Heeler Mix named Lizzie.

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Leah Winter, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician Leah Winter loves hands-on care with the patients at Starkville Veterinary Hospital. Her responsibilities include assisting patients in exam rooms and during surgical procedures, running blood work and taking x-rays. Leah earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal and Dairy Science from Mississippi State University.

"I love working with the doctors and my coworkers," says Leah. "I like all the hands on experience I get and I enjoy working with clients and patients."

An employee at Starkville Veterinary Hospital since January 2012, Leah brings a unique, quirky personality along with a dedicated work ethic to work each day. At home she has three cats: Merlin, Cinnamon and Morgana. In her free time Leah trains in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing. She also enjoys lifting weights, yoga, going for runs and hanging out with her friends.

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Allie Fletcher, Receptionist

Allie Fletcher joined the team at Starkville Veterinary Hospital in August 2016. As the hospital's receptionist, she is responsible for welcoming clients and their pets to the practice, answering phones and preparing records. Allie's favorite part of the job is seeing all the different cats and dogs that walk through the hospital's doors. Her computer savviness and fun-loving personality make her a great addition to the staff.

"I enjoy the people I work with," Allie says. "We all just get along really well. I also just love getting up to interact with animals all day long."

At home, Allie has two labs named Drake and Cypress. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, crappie fishing, deer hunting, cooking and taking her dogs swimming.

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