Starkville Veterinary Diagnostic Services

Veterinary Diagnostic Services in Starkville, MS


Starkville Veterinary Hospital uses the latest radiological technology to diagnose your pet. X-rays are useful when determining the location and size of tumors, foreign bodies, fractures, and gastrointestinal issues, among other problems. Our on-site, modern X-ray technology provides high-quality radiographs used to quickly and accurately treat your pet.

Starkville Pet Ultrasound

An ultrasound uses high frequency soundwaves to create a moving picture of your pet's internal organs. Ultrasound is a useful, non-invasive procedure that produces clear, easy to read diagnostic images that are often more detailed than an X-ray. The procedure is particularly useful in examining abdominal organs and diagnosing cardiac problems. We use the latest ultrasound technology to provide full abdominal evaluations, including guided fine-needle aspiration of soft tissues and the bladder. For pregnant patients, ultrasound is an excellent tool for evaluating and examining the health of the litter and the mother.

Video Otoscopy

A video otoscope gives our veterinarians a detailed view of the inside of your pet's ears. We use the Med RX Video Otoscope and Irrigation System, the latest in video otoscope technology, to examine and treat your pet. We evaluate ears for several problems, including:

  • Inflammatory polyps
  • Parasitic, bacterial and mycotic diseases
  • Laser ablation guided by the video otoscope for cerumen gland adenomas
  • Evaluation of the tympanic membrane; rupture, tear, bulging (myringotomy to relieve pressure and irrigate the middle ear and infuse antibiotics)
  • Follow-up evaluation and medical progress of the tympanic membrane and middle ear

Starkville In-House Laboratory

Sometimes, physical examinations and other diagnostic procedures may not give a complete picture of what's wrong with your pet. Blood tests and other laboratory tests are useful in monitoring organ function, detecting parasites and tracking the effectiveness of drug therapies. Our in-house laboratory is capable of performing a number of blood chemistry tests, including thyroid gland analysis, NSAID therapy, ACTH stimulation tests and dexamethasone suppression tests to evaluate endocrinopathies. Our state-of-the-art laboratory can provide results for dozens of laboratory values, with results often available in a few minutes.

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